About Ling-Mei Wong 黃靈美

Editor of the Sampan, the only bilingual Chinese-English newspaper in New England 舢舨報紙總編輯。舢舨是全紐英倫唯一的中英雙語雙週報。

First Chinese woman to backpack across India

Hong Mei and Tom Carter in Jaipur, India. (Photo courtesy of Tom Carter )

Hong Mei likes to take the road less traveled. Hong is the first Chinese woman to backpack across India, documented in her new travelogue “The Farther I Walk, The Closer I Get To Me.” She got her first taste for travel in 2006, when she quit her media job and traveled through China’s 33 provinces with her future husband, photographer/author Tom Carter. When, in 2009, Carter suggested India, she was eager to go. “I opened my eyes and mind. That’s why I fell in love with travel,” Hong said. Hong was born and raised in a small village in Jiangsu. … Continue reading

Red Bean delivers taste of Chinese culture to your doorstep

The August Mid-Autumn Festival Box. IMAGE COURTESY OF RED BEAN BOX

Wesley Radez wants you to stop and connect to Chinese culture. Radez is the founder of Red Bean Box, a food subscription service that aims to bring delicious, natural and gourmet Chinese snacks to its subscribers each month, along with photos and information on Chinese culture. The August box celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept. 8 with moon cake, fine tea and assorted snacks. It also included information on the holiday’s origins, how it is celebrated and an original photo of a Toishanese farmer harvesting rice. “Whether they’re working in an office or at home with a child, we want to … Continue reading

How nutritious is August Moon pomelo?

Growing up in Taipei, my family celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with a moonlit picnic on our apartment building’s roof. There would always be tea, moon cakes and pomelo (柚子), as we gazed at the moon and enjoyed being together. The fragrance of pomelo brings back many happy memories. Pomelo is seasonal,almost tasting like a sweet grapefruit. It is a citrus fruit with a thick rind that makes for a bright green helmet. As a citrus fruit, it can also be eaten in sections. Three to four pomelo sections are about 60 calories. While this is nowhere near the calorie count of … Continue reading

The evolution of August Moon celebrations in Boston’s Chinatown

Boston’s Chinatown is one of the oldest Chinatowns in the United States. For those early immigrants who longed for home, celebrating Chinese holidays was a way to stay connected to their heritage. However, while Lunar New Year is almost always celebrated in Chinese-American families today, other holidays, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, or August Moon Festival, have fallen out of Chinese-American tradition. Beverly Wing of Tufts Medical Center grew up in Chinatown. As a fifth-generation Chinese American, her family did not observe Chinese holidays apart from Lunar New Year. “My grandfather was born on Harrison Avenue in 1896 and his … Continue reading

Obesity: How many calories are there in a moon cake?

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also referred to as August Moon Festival for its lunar date of August 15, celebrates the full harvest moon. Families gather for moon watching (賞月) and to enjoy quality time together. However, moon watching is no longer the main event. Instead, moon cakes now represent the holiday. There are four traditional types of moon cake, which are rich, decadent and caloric nightmares. What’s inside a moon cake and how can you watch your weight? Moon cake is generally round and stuffed, which are purchased as gifts rather than for personal consumption. A dough wrap is stuffed with … Continue reading