Understanding the four psychological challenges of Chinese American college students

Justin A. Chen, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital. (Image courtesy of Justin Chen.)

The strongly interconnected nature of Chinese family dynamics, in which children are seen as extensions of the family unit and children’s wishes must often be subordinated to suit parents’ priorities, Chinese American students may struggle more with these issues and feel torn regarding which cultural “script” to follow when they gain greater exposure to their American classmates. Continue reading

Mental health: Four unique challenges facing Chinese international students

By Justin Chen, psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Lusha Liu, psychiatrist In April, Harvard University sophomore Andrew Sun jumped to his death from a seven-story building in Boston. He was 20 years old. News of Sun’s suicide shocked the Harvard community. The well-liked young man originally from China had moved as a rising high school sophomore to the United States, where he quickly distinguished himself as an outstanding and ambitious student. At Harvard he studied economics, tutored children in South Boston and was active in a campus Christian association; colleagues there remembered him as a caring and supportive friend … Continue reading