Red Bean delivers taste of Chinese culture to your doorstep

Wesley Radez wants you to stop and connect to Chinese culture. Radez is the founder of Red Bean Box, a food subscription service that aims to bring delicious, natural and gourmet Chinese snacks to its subscribers each month, along with photos and information on Chinese culture. The August box celebrated...

Tremont Village undergoes renovation

BY RICHARD LEVINE The sound of a man speaking through a microphone emanated from a parking lot at the corner of Tremont and Jefferson streets on Monday, Sept. 15, at the celebration party announcing the renovations at Tremont Village began. Behind the speaker sat state officials and private bankers from...

Martial arts under the night sky

Under the city lights and stars families and local residents gather to watch a martial art film. “The neighborhood loves this event. The people working at the restaurant will step outside and watch part of the movie,” Jean Lukitsh, the film curator, said about the Asian Community Development Corporation’s 9th...

Chinatown Masterplan meeting

By Arick Wong   In this Masterplan meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 17, the upcoming city plans were revealed, as community members met in the Josiah Quincy School on Washington Street. Concerns about the gentrification of Chinatown seem to be an ongoing development, and community members met to discuss how to...

Continued Efforts To Clean Up Chinatown

By Arick Wong In a recent forum sponsored by the Clean Up Chinatown Committee, community members and government officials convened to discuss the looming issue of Chinatown’s streets. “Chinatown has the worst recycling rate in the entire city,” states Frank O’Brien, the public relations administrative assistant for the Public Works...






  • Aboard the Korail, the train’s internal design meets passenger needs. There is a top shelf for passengers to place their bags. Even hanger straps on the train are made for people of different heights! (Image courtesy of Viviane Szeto.)
  • Traveling in Korea: Korail
        By Viviane Szeto When I got to the security check point at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport in South Korea, the trays used to put personal items through the more>>


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