What is fructose and why should it be put behind bars?

By Dr. John Leung (梁爾尊醫師) and Paige Cross, Tufts Medical Center (搭芙茨醫療中心) What is fructose intolerance? Fructose intolerance occurs when the body cannot fully absorb fructose. When the unabsorbed fructose reaches the colon, it is turned into hydrogen gas by bacteria, leading to abdominal symptoms when fructose is consumed. What...

Student loan forgiveness program cancels tuition debt after 20 years

  College is a stepping stone in life, one that ensures higher-paying jobs and greater financial independence. However, the high cost of tuition results in two-thirds of graduates taking out loans, with an average student debt of more than $23,000, according to White House data. President Barack Obama expanded his...

Chinatown meeting roundup: Safety Committee, Resident Association

  The Chinatown Safety Committee (CSC) and the Chinatown Resident Association (CRA) met Sept. 3. CSC The CSC meeting took place at the DoubleTree Hotel. It discussed crime updates from police department, community business proposals and concerns about discarded needles. “This is a public health issue,” Phil McGovern, Captain of...

Kwong Kow Chinese School ends a summer on a happy note

  Their summer ended with much applause. The Kwong Kow School had their Annual Dim Sim Party, a celebration for finishing the 2014 summer program, on Friday, Aug. 22. It was the last day of the summer program when the Kwong Kow staff and volunteers gather with students and families...

A food aficionado: Lady M

By Anna Ing (吳家儀撰寫) Based in New York, Lady M is famous for its signature mille crêpe cakes, making it a must-go destination for dessert lovers. Lady M started out catering its beautiful cakes in 2002 to top restaurants before opening its first location on the Upper East Side on...






  • Aboard the Korail, the train’s internal design meets passenger needs. There is a top shelf for passengers to place their bags. Even hanger straps on the train are made for people of different heights! (Image courtesy of Viviane Szeto.)
  • Traveling in Korea: Korail
        By Viviane Szeto When I got to the security check point at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport in South Korea, the trays used to put personal items through the ...read more>>


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  • Empty Bamboo Girl, July 25: Chinese food

    Empty Bamboo Girl, July 25: Chinese food