Running for unfinished dreams: Boston University Chinese community honors marathon victim Lu Lingzi

Every day after class, Baiyun Yao, a doctoral student at Boston University, goes to the gym to work out. Continue reading

Asian Women for Health honors three women

Asian Women for Health (AWFH) and Asian Breast Cancer (ABC) Project held their annual “AppreciASIANS” event at Tufts Medical Center’s Wolff Auditorium on March 28. Continue reading

Obesity: Why we should care

The trend in rising body weight is an important public health problem globally. Continue reading

A food aficionado: Ki Bistro

In 2013, the ramen burger was born and now it has arrived in the Boston area. Continue reading

Chinatown meeting roundup: CSC and CRA

On April 2, the Chinatown Safety Committee welcomed the newly instated president of Tufts Medical Center, Michael Wagner, MD. The CRA also met on April 2. Continue reading







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