Boston Asian YES youth create art against racism

“A Force for Good” glitters with multicolored sequins, mirrors and a 24-foot body. Gold horns sprout from the dragon’s papier-mâché head and white fangs are bared above a long white beard. Despite the tough appearance, the dragon is affectionately referred to as “Gramps” for its white mane. Continue reading

The Nature Conservancy sends students from around the country to nature preserves for summer internships

The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest conservation organization, announced that students from its Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future (LEAF) program are heading out for a great summer adventure to nature preserves in Massachusetts and 26 other states across the country. Continue reading

Help teens cope with stress

Adolescence is a difficult time in a person’s life. Although some may claim that these are the ‘best days of one’s life’, it is also a time of immense pressure, what with all the changes going on in one’s body, environment, and life in addition to what the University of Minnesota’s Joyce Walker calls “negotiating a path between independence and reliance on others”. All of this adds up to one big word: stress. Continue reading