Bilingual ballots increase voter access in Boston and Quincy

Voters who registered for bilingual ballots in Boston and Quincy can take them to the polls on Nov. 6.

Voter registration closed Oct. 17. Bilingual ballots in English and Chinese are mailed with voter information, said Vincent Au, elections clerk for Quincy. This is the city’s first time to offer Chinese ballots. Continue reading

November 8 District 2 Voting

Bill Linehan with Frank Chin at 38 Oak Street Polling Station

November 8 is election day and as District 2 gears up to vote for their favorite candidate. At 38 Oak Street, a polling station has been set up and support is being shown for each candidate with signs lining an exterior fence. All through the rest of today (Tuesday), voters will have an opportunity to enter any polling station and vote for their favorite candidate.