Ask Doctor Yu, Chinese medicine practitioner: Five foods to beat the summer heat

Summer is here with sunny days and high temperatures. Apart from swimming to cool off, you can also eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to beat the heat. Keep in mind that these foods should be enjoyed in moderation. Continue reading

Control your blood glucose by enjoying fresh summer produce

During the hot humid summer, everybody changes their lifestyle more or less. Not only the longer daytime, but also the more frequent sunny warm weather give us mood to travel and engage in outdoor activities. In the same time, we buy ice creams from the street stand, eat hotdogs at the baseball games, enjoy BBQ food with family and friends, and grab ice cold cokes under the sun to cool down. For people with Diabetes, do these foods sneak into your already perfect diet and gave you tough time for blood glucose control? Let the juicy and extra nutritious summer vegetables and fruits help you! Continue reading