Dining With Diabetes

Photo by Oscar Wong

Many, if not most, people spend a lot of their time thinking about the food they are eating. How many calories? How much fat? How many carbohydrates? All are questions we ask ourselves often. But for diabetics, keeping an eye on the nutritional value and quantity of food you eat is especially important. However, diabetes does not have to limit the choices you have when dining. In fact, most recipes don’t have to change much at all when shaping your diet around your body’s needs. But there are a few lifestyle and dietary choices that require some extra caution: Continue reading

An Introduction to the Asian Health Initiative


The local Asian community is vast and encompasses a wide variety of different nationalities, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. In response to the health needs of the local Asian community, Tufts Medical Center, in consultation with the South Cove/Chinatown Neighborhood Council, established the Asian Health Initiative (AHI) and its advisory committee in 1995. The AHI identifies public health issues of particular prevalence or concern to the local Asian community and seeks to work collaboratively with local community-based organizations to help address those health issues in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting. Continue reading

Chinatown Says Farewell to Former Tufts Medical Center CEO


When Ellen Zane took over as the Chief Executive Office of Tufts Medical Center in 2004, the institution was hemorrhaging money as it attempted to plug holes and place band-aids on the wounds of a failed merger. Seven years down the road, the turnaround at Tufts under Zane is unmistakable: the hospital was voted sixth in the country (of 98 academic medical centers) last year for safety and quality, and increased patient volume while also bringing in nearly $7 million. Continue reading

See, Test, Treat – Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Prevention Program at Tufts Medical Center

Photo by Tufts Medical Center

On Saturday October 15, Tufts Medical Center will host the College of American Pathologists See, Test & Treat breast and cervical cancer screening prevention program. The event was held for the first time last year and was successful in identifying early disease. The event being offered at Tufts Medical Center is a one-day event designed for Asian-American women, 21 years of age and older who live in the Boston-metro area, however all women are encouraged to attend. Continue reading