Four fun places to spend Thanksgiving with kids

Long distance travel increases by 54 percent around Thanksgiving weekend, the U.S. Department of Transportation notes. Most Americans take their car, with only 5 to 6 percent flying to their Thanksgiving destination. If your holiday travel traditions have become too stressful, consider starting your Thanksgiving a couple days before the rush and taking the kids to one of these historic locations for a refreshing break. Continue reading

Serve your family a healthy Thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving dinner is an annual feast full of delicious treats — turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, eggnog, wine and much more. Nutrition and food safety are important to make this family event a great time. Continue reading

Thanks/Giving – Mother and Daughter


Holiday is the byproduct of human civilization as it is a conceptual idea with multiple symbolic meanings embodied. A dog will never celebrate its birthday but a human being will never forget his/her birthday. In our everyday’s life, there are numerous things and events to be remembered, highlighted and written down in history. With the assistance of latest technological innovations, we are known as the “Y Generation” whose expertise is documenting our life and tracing our trivial existence through Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets in every split of second. Yet, in this cyber age which time is counted by MBps, we may still best be inspired by holidays that have been celebrated for centuries. Continue reading