Kwong Kow Chinese School ends a summer on a happy note

  Their summer ended with much applause. The Kwong Kow School had their Annual Dim Sim Party, a celebration for finishing the 2014 summer program, on Friday, Aug. 22. It was the last day of the summer program when the Kwong Kow staff and volunteers gather with students and families to eat Dim Sim celebrating the young students’ summer program completion. Students showcase the work that they’ve worked on all summer, which included performances that had the audience clapping and cheering, creating moments of thank you’s and goodbye’s a memorable one. The Kwong Kow staff and volunteers served Arizona green … Continue reading

Ask Doctor Yu, Chinese medicine practitioner: Five foods to beat the summer heat

Summer is here with sunny days and high temperatures. Apart from swimming to cool off, you can also eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to beat the heat. Keep in mind that these foods should be enjoyed in moderation. Continue reading

Helpful summer safety tips

Infants, toddlers and young children (ages 0 to 5 years) are generally not aware of dangers around them and depend on adults to keep them safe. During warm weather, take steps to prevent falls from windows, keep children safe in cars and encourage water safety, especially around pools. Simple safety steps can prevent injury. Continue reading