Popular tea beverage found to be free of harmful chemicals

A scrumptious beverage known as bubble tea may contain potential health risks in the tea’s tapioca pearls. However, the results were refuted by a consumer protection agency in a second study.

The University Hospital of Aachen in Germany found the tapioca starch to be carcinogenic in an August study. Researchers from the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at the University Hospital detected polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs such as styrene, acetophenone and brominate in the pearls. The bubble tea sampled was sold in an unnamed chain in northwest Germany, using bubbles from Taiwan. Continue reading

Babies Shouldn’t Smoke!

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? We’d never give a cigarette to a baby! But infants and toddlers who live with smokers suffer from many problems that are just as bad as if they were smoking themselves. Children’s bodies are smaller and developing, which makes cigarette smoke more dangerous to them than to an adult. And infants and toddlers breathe faster than adults. That means they are taking in more smoke per minute than the person smoking the cigarette! Continue reading