Chinatown’s existence not threatened by luxury housing development

Luxury condos rise around Chinatown's core. (Image by Ling-Mei Wong.)

Beyond the three-storey row houses of Chinatown rise luxury condo towers. New complexes such as Archstone, the Kensington and 120 Kingston Place — the former site of the Dainty Dot Hosiery factory — loom mere steps from public housing. For some Chinatown residents, they fear these developments will drive up property values so steeply that Chinatown will disappear, like the Syrian and Irish immigrants who came before. Continue reading

How to buy a home

Image courtesy of Flickr

Have you ever thought about buying a new house because you are tired of renting? Did you settle in a new city and get involved in a long-term relationship or a new job? Or do you just want to buy your own property to taste a sense of ownership? The list of reasons for buying a home goes on. Despite all the expenses of a new home — maintenance fees, property taxes, house repairs or gas for your lawnmower — you can actually save a considerable amount of money by following these four tips. Continue reading