Local Chinese artist recognized for gift to Obama

Tianyuan Jiang, 75, has been an ardent supporter of President Barack Obama since 2006. He was so pleased about Obama’s election in 2008 that he immediately drew a traditional ink brush painting of a horse dedicated to the president after the results were announced. Continue reading

Chinese-American woman overcomes heartache in ‘Bend, Not Break’

Ping Fu epitomizes glamorous success. One of the developers of the first Web browser, founder of a successful start-up and advisor to President Barack Obama, Fu’s name can be found with entrepreneurs and billionaires. Continue reading

Newtown shooting triggers gun control reform

2013 will see legislative changes on the war on guns. After 16 mass shootings nationwide in 2012 with a death toll of at least 84, Democrats have united for an attack on loopholes and shortcomings in national and statewide gun policy. Continue reading

Statement of Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Co-Chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, in Response to President Obama’s Gun Control Announcement

“In nearly 20 years as Boston’s mayor, I have watched with frustration as our government has been bullied by special interests and ignored its duty to protect our citizens from gun violence. At long last, President Obama’s historic proposal brings Washington in line with the needs of our nation, our families – and, most importantly, our children and grandchildren, who look to us believing that our streets and schools, playgrounds and movie theaters, should be places of safety and joy, not conflict and mass murder. I applaud President Obama and Vice President Biden for their leadership and courage on this … Continue reading