Film screening raises awareness for 2011 Japan tsunami victims

The juxtaposition of turmoil caused by a tsunami and the beauty of cherry blossoms was central to the film “The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom,” which was screened at fundraising event Tsunami + Sandy + Deep Water Horizon at Dorchester’s Hancock 309 Gallery on March 2. The film screening is part of a month-long event that features an art exhibition, auction, music, discussions and vigil to highlight the victims of the tsunami who are still affected. Continue reading

Focal Chinese Music To Re-Open Melrose’s 116-year-old Corinthian Hall

Starting June 10, 2012, Focal Chinese Music Corp. (FCM), a music education and performing arts company will re-open and manage Melrose’s 116-year-old Corinthian Hall. Currently owned by Melrosian Stephen Longmuir, Corinthian Hall, with its 1900s interior preserved and restored, will serve as FCM’s headquarters. Continue reading