Sisters cross time and space in play ‘You for Me for You’

Two sisters sacrifice for one another in Mia Chung’s hauntingly lovely play “You for Me for You.” Junhee (Jordan Clark) and Minjee (Giselle Ty) are alone in the world, having lost their parents and family. Living at subsistence level in North Korea, the sisters fight for survival and for each other. Continue reading

Lunar New Year Financial Resolutions

In my last article, I wrote about ways to keep your New Year’s financial resolutions. But unfortunately, three weeks or so into the New Year, many of you have probably already broken them. Well, Happy Lunar New Year! Here is your second chance to make and stick with some new New Year’s Resolutions.

Here are my top 5 Financial Resolutions for the Lunar New Year: Continue reading

Ask the CFP Professional® – Social Security PART 2: Withdrawal Strategies

The 79 million Baby Boomers in the United States have started to retire. Without that regular paycheck coming in every week, many boomers will hope to lessen that blow by applying for social security benefits. However knowing your options and withdrawal strategies regarding your benefits can have a major impact on your income during retirement. Here are some withdrawal strategies that may be right for you. Continue reading

New Affordable Housing Opens in Quincy Center

In a ceremony that included speeches from recently re-elected Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch and Asian Community Development Corporation Board President Michael Tow, thirty-four new affordable housing units were opened in Quincy at 6 Fort Street.

The complex, which has been restored from a predominantly vacant and disinvested building, features some 42,000 square feet of residential space and roughly 1,000 square feet of community space. The building includes 63 parking spaces and incorporates around 8,000 square feet of outdoor recreational space. Continue reading