Gaming commission discusses impact of casinos with Chinatown residents

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chair Stephen Crosby spoke with community members about the new casino industry and its positive and negative impact at the Asian American Civic Association on Oct. 18.

“Casino gambling is controversial, but the law has been passed. We need to do it well, and we need to do it right to make sure that it is a participatory, transparent and fair process,” Crosby said. Continue reading

Every Vote Counts: Over 700 Castle Square Residents Registered to Vote

Community members gathered at the Castle Square Community Center on October 4 for an evening of film, food, and voter registration drive. The event aimed to disseminate information about the historical importance of voter registration and the October 17th deadline to register for the upcoming presidential election.

“We need to build from our history and stand up,” says Suzanne Lee, a community leader in Chinatown. “Every vote counts. We need everyone who believes in social justice, equality, and we need everyone to be involved,” Lee adds. Continue reading