Madeline Wong Throws First Pitch at Boston Red Sox Game

A respected leader among Chinese Americans and women, Madeline C. Wong’s accomplishments include the founding of one of America’s largest and oldest Asian dining meccas, her work in the insurance field, and her many contributions to the community and charity work. And all of her accomplishments were celebrated on April 17, when Wong was given the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox baseball game, a feat very few people have the chance to perform in their lifetimes. Continue reading

Commonsense Care

As the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, the law modeled after Massachusetts’ Health Care Reform, the Commonwealth is moving on to its next phase. Since the 2006 landmark health care reform law passed, the Commonwealth has achieved near-universal health insurance coverage (95%) of its residents, and almost all of its children. The goals ahead are maximizing efficiency, encouraging preventative measures, and recalibrating the payment system. But the inclusion of many documented immigrants was only recently affirmed after a long struggle. Continue reading