Governor Deval Patrick Celebrates Asian American Heritage Month

On Thursday, May 10, Governor Deval Patrick proclaimed the month of May to be Asian Pacific Heritage Month during a celebration at the State House. Governor Patrick was joined by members of the Governor’s Asian American Commission, elected officials and members of the Asian Pacific American community. Continue reading

An Interview with Mildred Wong

What was it like growing up as an Asina-American in the United States?
Fortunately, I can say that as an Asian American growing up in Boston, I have never been teased with degrading names or insults. No blond-haired, blue-eyed boy in my first grade class ever pulled his eyes at the corners, slanted them, and ridiculed me. At Boston Latin School, at least 45 percent of the students were Asian American, which made us much more a majority than a “minority.” Extreme racial slurs and blatant prejudice are as foreign to me as soy sauce on ice cream. As a contemporary Chinese-American, I have never been hassled, unless bad pickup lines count. “Hey baby, ni hao ma?” is not an effective pickup line. Continue reading