Buying A House: When Is The Perfect Time

There is no “perfect” time to buy a house, just like there is no “perfect” house. When you find a house, don’t second guess interest rates or market conditions by waiting. Changes don’t occur that fast to make that much difference in price. Similarly, a good house won’t stay on the market long. Continue reading

“Get Real!” with Mildred Wong

MYTH: There is plenty of time to secure an apartment. September 1st is still seven months away.

FACT: Boston’s rental market remains one of the tightest and priciest in the country. In 2011, the vacancy rate was 4.4% at the end of June, and even lower in neighborhoods that are desirable to young professionals and students. Landlords quickly reached 100% occupancy due to fewer turnovers than in previous years. As a result, they raised rent prices because supply was low and demand was still strong. And most landlords left the cost of the broker fee to the tenant. Continue reading