Fugu Food Truck delivers authentic Asian street food to Boston

The Fugu Truck does not actually serve fugu, a poisonous puffer fish that must be prepared by a licensed chef.
But the spirit of painstaking attention is reflected in Fugu Truck’s dishes. Chef and owner Bing Liu was inspired by a fugu etched on a sushi knife, while working as a sushi chef. Fugu Truck hit the streets of Boston April 1, serving pork belly buns, glass noodle salad and spring rolls made from local ingredients. Continue reading

New and Veteran Food Trucks Grab Prime Sites in Boston During Annual Live Lottery

Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s Office of Food Initiatives held its annual Live Lottery of Food Truck Prime Sites the night of January 16 to schedule food truck businesses across 17 locations in the downtown area and neighborhoods. Continue reading