Four fun places to spend Thanksgiving with kids

Long distance travel increases by 54 percent around Thanksgiving weekend, the U.S. Department of Transportation notes. Most Americans take their car, with only 5 to 6 percent flying to their Thanksgiving destination. If your holiday travel traditions have become too stressful, consider starting your Thanksgiving a couple days before the rush and taking the kids to one of these historic locations for a refreshing break. Continue reading

Families in Need of Help in Malden, Mayor Christenson

As you may know, several Malden families have become homeless after two separate fires on Boylston Street occurred within weeks of each other. With both homes likely taking months to be repaired, Mayor Gary Christenson is asking the public for their help with housing or donations for these displaced families. If you are a property owner and you can provide emergency placement for a displaced family, please contact Chris Webb, Board of Health Director at or call: 781-397-7053. Continue reading