Chinese-American author discusses overcoming hardship

Chinese-American author Anchee Min (right) and Suffolk University associate professor of English Elif Armbruster discuss Min’s book, “The Cooked Seed” on May 23 at Suffolk University. (Image courtesy of Douglas Yu.)
美籍作家閔安琪和Suffolk大學的英文系副教授Elif Armbruster於5月23日在Suffolk 大學討論』。(圖片由余仟提供。)

“The Chinese-American Dream,” featuring acclaimed author Anchee Min, took place May 23 as part of the Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University. Elif Armbruster, associate professor of English at Suffolk University, hosted the presentation. Min talked about her book “The Cooked Seed,” based on her traumatic memories of the Cultural Revolution, arriving in America and having her first child. Continue reading

Chinese-American woman overcomes heartache in ‘Bend, Not Break’

Ping Fu epitomizes glamorous success. One of the developers of the first Web browser, founder of a successful start-up and advisor to President Barack Obama, Fu’s name can be found with entrepreneurs and billionaires. Continue reading