Boston Asian YES youth create art against racism

"A Force for Good." (Image by Ling-Mei Wong.)

“A Force for Good” glitters with multicolored sequins, mirrors and a 24-foot body. Gold horns sprout from the dragon’s papier-mâché head and white fangs are bared above a long white beard. Despite the tough appearance, the dragon is affectionately referred to as “Gramps” for its white mane. Continue reading

Overcoming Asian American challenges

Larry Ho with two students at Lexington, Mass., in 2009. (Image courtesy of Tsinghua University.)

In May 2000, during a celebration of Asian American Heritage Month, I was asked by the US Army Corps of Engineers to talk on “The Asian American Experience” ( In the talk, I briefly reviewed the history of legislation against Chinese Americans and Chinese immigration. I touched on various incidents, including the 1980 Vincent Chin case, the scandal of Chinese campaign financing in the ’90s, the Wen Ho Lee case and the covert college admission quota for Chinese Americans in the present day.
I was invited by the Sampan to update this talk and review new challenges facing our group Continue reading

Chinese residents find warm welcome at Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly


On a grey morning, a group of Chinese seniors fussed over a pink-clad toddler, exclaiming in Cantonese and Toishanese. Other seniors strolled over and discussed their traditional Chinese dance and music classes. In another area, elders proudly displayed their Chinese ink-brush paintings of prancing horses and delicately veined shrimp. Despite all the Chinese commotion, these seniors do not live in Chinatown. Instead, they reside at the Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly. Continue reading