Entrepreneurs gather at Startup Bootcamp

Grace Hsia, CEO of Warmilu. (Image courtesy of LinkedIn.)
Warmilu總裁Grace Hsia。(圖片來自LinkedIn。)

Ten presenters from the world of startup entrepreneurship presented their stories of success and failure at the Startup Bootcamp on Sept. 14 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Two of the speakers were Asian women: Julia Hu of Lark and Grace Hsia of Warmilu. Continue reading

Boston Asian YES youth create art against racism

"A Force for Good." (Image by Ling-Mei Wong.)

“A Force for Good” glitters with multicolored sequins, mirrors and a 24-foot body. Gold horns sprout from the dragon’s papier-mâché head and white fangs are bared above a long white beard. Despite the tough appearance, the dragon is affectionately referred to as “Gramps” for its white mane. Continue reading