American Chinese Medical Exchange Society focuses on holistic treatment

中美醫學交流學會(ACMES)2013年春季醫學講座—常見病系列之四,於4月7日在哈佛醫學院Dana Farber 癌症研究中心大禮堂舉行。

The American Chinese Medical Exchange Society spring conference took place on April 7 at Harvard Medical School’s Dana Farber Cancer research center’s auditorium. Eight expert speakers presented to more than 100 local doctors and medical researchers day. Continue reading

Love and struggle between generations of Chinese Americans

Starting from the 1800s, Chinese workers and businessmen have migrated to the United States, establishing families in America for a better life. However, what they might not have expected was a culture clash between them and their children, which has led to struggles between the generations. Continue reading

Maya Lin speaks on environment at Boston lecture

林瓔在華盛頓玻璃博物館(2007)。 照片由Flickr, Sharon Styer 提供

Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, spoke Jan. 24 to a packed lecture hall at the Boston Central Library in Copley Square. The lecture was part of the “Common Ground” Lowell Lecture Series, part of the Building Boston initiative. Continue reading

Chinese Americans speak out in mental health series

Mental illness has a stigma in the Chinese community, making it difficult for affected individuals to seek help. “Many people feel ashamed about their problems and doubt the treatment,” said George Hsu, a retired professor of psychiatric medicine at Tufts Medical Center, who participated in the series. Continue reading