Understanding the four psychological challenges of Chinese American college students

Justin A. Chen, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital. (Image courtesy of Justin Chen.)

The strongly interconnected nature of Chinese family dynamics, in which children are seen as extensions of the family unit and children’s wishes must often be subordinated to suit parents’ priorities, Chinese American students may struggle more with these issues and feel torn regarding which cultural “script” to follow when they gain greater exposure to their American classmates. Continue reading

American Chinese Medical Exchange Society focuses on holistic treatment

中美醫學交流學會(ACMES)2013年春季醫學講座—常見病系列之四,於4月7日在哈佛醫學院Dana Farber 癌症研究中心大禮堂舉行。

The American Chinese Medical Exchange Society spring conference took place on April 7 at Harvard Medical School’s Dana Farber Cancer research center’s auditorium. Eight expert speakers presented to more than 100 local doctors and medical researchers day. Continue reading