Bostonians count down to Nov. 5 general elections

City councilor at-large John Connolly and state Rep. Marty Walsh attended a mayoral forum at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center on Oct. 23. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong.)
波士頓市議員約翰江樂理和眾議員華殊均於10月23日參加一場在Reggie Lewis Athletic Center的市長論壇。(圖片由黃靈美提供。)

Boston’s mayoral candidates and city council candidates were busy campaigning across the city ahead of the Nov. 5 election. Continue reading

Bruce Lee and his legacy

Image courtesy of Boston Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club's Facebook page.

The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Mass. commemorated the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s final movie, “Enter the Dragon,” from Sept. 20 to 23, which was released mere weeks before his untimely death. On Oct. 20, the Boston Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club celebrated its 65th anniversary with a spectacular lion dance and movement showcase under the iconic gateway to Chinatown. Continue reading

East Coast Chinatowns reflect changing face of residents

Boston’s Chinatown Gate. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong.)

Chinatowns are known for being a community of working class immigrants. But with development projects on the rise, it is clear that the character of Chinatown is on the verge of disappearing. Gentrification is threatening the historical and cultural identity of Chinatowns across the East Coast, according to a report by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Continue reading