Superintendent Tommy Chang releases 100-Day Plan to Boston School Committee

Boston Public Schools (BPS) Superintendent Tommy Chang released today a 100-Day Plan that defines the district’s core values and lays out a series of projects that chart a course to improve the level of education across BPS schools, develop high-quality schools close to home for all students, and close the achievement gap. Continue reading

How to choose schools for your child

Long before the first day of school — Sept. 4 for Boston Public School students — parents search for the right school for their child. Some opt for suburban schools, some enroll by lottery, some take exam screenings or other attend a designated neighborhood school. Many factors play into a decision: passing or failing a screening exam, lottery selection, location and money — just to name a few. “Based on my observation, children of affluent families tend to go to exam schools and suburban schools, and children of working-class families go to one of the Boston neighborhood schools,” said Richard … Continue reading

New building for Quincy Upper School, Boston Arts Academy could open 2017

The Josiah Quincy Upper School and the Boston Arts Academy desperately need larger facilities and a $260 million school at Parcel 25 would meet those needs. Combining the two schools at one location would save cost and could be ready by 2017, said school officials at an Oct. 8 meeting. Continue reading