How to have a happy holiday without stress or smoke

Holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable time when family and friends gather together with food and drinks, but it can also be stressful as people rush from place to place. A cigarette can sound like the perfect way to destress, especially during a busy holiday season, but cessation coaches at the Asian Smokers’ Quitline have tips and encouragement for people attempting to quit. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs gather at Startup Bootcamp

Grace Hsia, CEO of Warmilu. (Image courtesy of LinkedIn.)
Warmilu總裁Grace Hsia。(圖片來自LinkedIn。)

Ten presenters from the world of startup entrepreneurship presented their stories of success and failure at the Startup Bootcamp on Sept. 14 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Two of the speakers were Asian women: Julia Hu of Lark and Grace Hsia of Warmilu. Continue reading

How to understand Asian diabetes risks

An insulin pen for diabetic individuals. (Image courtesy of Flickr user Sprogz.)

Diabetes affects Asians in unique ways. Asians are 2.26 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than Caucasians, said Greeshma Shetty, staff clinician at the Joslin Diabetes Center and part of the center’s Asian American Diabetes Initiative. Shetty spoke at the State of Asian Women’s Health in Massachusetts conference on May 29. Continue reading