Chinatown’s existence not threatened by luxury housing development

Beyond the three-storey row houses of Chinatown rise luxury condo towers. New complexes such as Archstone, the Kensington and 120 Kingston Place — the former site of the Dainty Dot Hosiery factory — loom mere steps from public housing. For some Chinatown residents, they fear these developments will drive up property values so steeply that Chinatown will disappear, like the Syrian and Irish immigrants who came before. Continue reading

New Affordable Housing Opens in Quincy Center

In a ceremony that included speeches from recently re-elected Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch and Asian Community Development Corporation Board President Michael Tow, thirty-four new affordable housing units were opened in Quincy at 6 Fort Street.

The complex, which has been restored from a predominantly vacant and disinvested building, features some 42,000 square feet of residential space and roughly 1,000 square feet of community space. The building includes 63 parking spaces and incorporates around 8,000 square feet of outdoor recreational space. Continue reading