Chinese Historical Society of New England celebrates

Victor Liang from Northeastern University won the Noreen Chung Scholarship Scholarship at the Chinese Historical Society of New England annual meeting on Sept. 24 at the China Pearl. PHOTO BY LEO MARCH

BY ARICK WONG Founded in 1992, the Chinese Historical Society of New England (CHSNE) gathered on Sept. 24 for its 22nd annual meeting and dinner at the China Pearl. Attendees included long-time supporters of the group, individuals interested in the contributions made by Asian Americans to the New England area and college students from University of Massachusetts Boston’s Asian American studies program. “This happens to be our largest fundraising event of the year and an opportunity for members to meet each other and for the community to come out and hear about some exciting things,” said Susan Chinsen, managing director … Continue reading

South Cove Manor encourages elders to practice tai chi

South Cove Manor's first tai chi class took place on Oct. 2. at Mass Pike Towers.

Chinese-American elders attended tai chi classes hosted by South Cove Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which started on Oct. 2 and will be held each Thursday. The gentle physical activity improves muscle tone and body alignment, so seniors remain stable and prevent falls. The seniors were screened with a physical that measured their balance and endurance at a breakfast seminar on Sept. 25. “[Elders] don’t want their kids to take care of them without having their own individual life,” said Terry Yin, community program leader at South Cove Manor . “To a lot of seniors, especially from China, tai chi … Continue reading

When west meets east

Academy of the Pacific Rim students visited Beijing this past summer and tried on traditional Chinese attire. PHOTO by the ACADEMY OF THE PACIFIC RIM

  At the Academy of the Pacific Rim, the heart of it all is to make friends from across the world. “I’ve definitely seen the other side of things now,” said Polly Doogue, a 12th grader at the Academy of the Pacific Rim. She was one of 12 students who went to Beijing this past summer as an exchange student. The Hyde Park charter public school for seventh to 12th graders has offered the China summer program for high schoolers for the past three years. Students stayed at the academy’s sister school, Beijing No. 80 High School, for more than … Continue reading

Red Bean delivers taste of Chinese culture to your doorstep

The August Mid-Autumn Festival Box. IMAGE COURTESY OF RED BEAN BOX

Wesley Radez wants you to stop and connect to Chinese culture. Radez is the founder of Red Bean Box, a food subscription service that aims to bring delicious, natural and gourmet Chinese snacks to its subscribers each month, along with photos and information on Chinese culture. The August box celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept. 8 with moon cake, fine tea and assorted snacks. It also included information on the holiday’s origins, how it is celebrated and an original photo of a Toishanese farmer harvesting rice. “Whether they’re working in an office or at home with a child, we want to … Continue reading

Tremont Village undergoes renovation

The Tremont Village apartment complex celebrated upcoming renovations on Monday, Sept. 15. PHOTO BY VEKONDA LUANGAPHAY

BY RICHARD LEVINE The sound of a man speaking through a microphone emanated from a parking lot at the corner of Tremont and Jefferson streets on Monday, Sept. 15, at the celebration party announcing the renovations at Tremont Village began. Behind the speaker sat state officials and private bankers from Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation, Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation, and Boston Private Bank and Trust. They sat in front of Tremont Village Apartments, a squat red brick structure with beige balconies and old fashioned air conditioners. Garbage bags covered the inside of some of the apartment’s windows and a small … Continue reading

Martial arts under the night sky

The 9th Annual Films at the Gate took place Sept. 12 to 14. 

Under the city lights and stars families and local residents gather to watch a martial art film. “The neighborhood loves this event. The people working at the restaurant will step outside and watch part of the movie,” Jean Lukitsh, the film curator, said about the Asian Community Development Corporation’s 9th Annual Films at the Gate in Chinatown Park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. It was a Friday night on Sept. 12, when people grabbed popcorn and enjoyed martial art performances before watching the movie, “Fearless Hyena,” starring Jackie Chan. “Jackie Chan has that gift, that Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton … Continue reading