Double Ten Art Show 2012: Feel the Charm of Chinese Culture

Calligraphy, photographs, water color paintings, and drawings are on display at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in commemoration of Double Ten Day, which celebrates the establishment of the Republic of China in 1912.

“The goal of the art gallery is to showcase Chinese culture so that it is appreciated by the wider community and society,” says Lily Chin, the Chairperson of the Boston Calligraphy Association. Chin helped organize the event. Continue reading

Every Vote Counts: Over 700 Castle Square Residents Registered to Vote

Community members gathered at the Castle Square Community Center on October 4 for an evening of film, food, and voter registration drive. The event aimed to disseminate information about the historical importance of voter registration and the October 17th deadline to register for the upcoming presidential election.

“We need to build from our history and stand up,” says Suzanne Lee, a community leader in Chinatown. “Every vote counts. We need everyone who believes in social justice, equality, and we need everyone to be involved,” Lee adds. Continue reading

AACA College Day Promotes College Education in Immigrant Communities

The Second Annual College Day organized by the Asian American Civic Association Youth Council on Sept. 30 hosted 38 colleges from around Massachusetts and attracted over 150 students and parents.

A sequel to a similar event last year, the College Day aimed at providing an opportunity for immigrant families to learn more about college admission process and financial aid application. The event also geared toward adult learners this year. Continue reading

AACA presents “Boston’s Famous”

With all buzzes about the September issues, fall is definitely the season of fashion.

The Asian American Civic Association partnered with Neiman Marcus to host the “Boston’s Famous” Fashion Show on Oct. 10 at Neiman Marcus Boston. The event raised over $27,000 to help the agency continue its social services, workforce development and adult education programs. Continue reading

My Trip to China: from the Mountains to the Sea

On my trip to China this summer my wife and I decided to visit some of the remoter natural wonders in the mountains ofSichuan. I had always wanted to visit this region ever since I first went to China eighteen years ago, but I never got the chance. This trip however, we finally went to the edge of the Himalayas in a journey that led us from the mountains of Greater Tibet to the East China Sea. Continue reading