Understand lung cancer risks in National Radon Month

Radon, a radioactive gas that is found in nearly all soils, has been identified as one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, radon causes between 15,000 and 22,000 lung cancer deaths every year in the country. Continue reading

Some Mass. public schools to increase class time

For thousands of Mass. public school students, their school day is about to get to longer. Massachusetts was one of five states that will add at least 300 hours of learning time at some schools in 2013. The other states include Colorado, Connecticut, New York and Tennessee. Continue reading

Learn about lead effects in homes

Lead is a heavy metal commonly found in paint on the inside and outside of houses built before 1978. The effects of lead poisoning can be severe, harming children and adults alike. Children are most at risk because lead can permanently harm their developing bodies. Continue reading

Kwong Kow Chinese School principal cultivates language and culture

Felicia Tsang knows what it’s like to be new. Tsang came to the United States when she was 17 years old. When she was assigned to read “Catch-22” by Joseph Heller and came across an unfamiliar expletive, she couldn’t find it in the “F” section of the dictionary and turned to her classmate. Continue reading