Why am I not allowed to eat and drink before surgery?

By Pei-shan Zhao, MD (趙培山醫師撰寫) To answer this question, let’s start with some basic knowledge. Fifty percent of the water we drink passes through the stomach in 10 minutes and the stomach is almost empty in one hour. Even caloric fluids like sugar water will all be passed through the stomach after 90 minutes. In contrast, approximately 50 percent of solid food is passed through the duodenum (the intestine immediately connected to the stomach) roughly two hours after a meal. It takes much longer for the stomach to empty solid food. A lot of things affect gastric emptying. It takes … Continue reading

Chinese opera group rings in 75th anniversary

The Que Shing Chinese Music and Opera group (僑聲音樂劇社) had its 75th anniversary opera night at John Hancock Hall on August 16. “We enjoy what we do. I love to sing Cantonese opera. I love to play these Cantonese opera show,” said Winnie Leung, an actor and the group’s director. “I love it, and I know the audience enjoys it very much.” The Chinese opera group, a nonprofit that performs Cantonese opera in Boston, performed six vignettes with the help of sponsors and 80 staff members. Its passion for Cantonese opera was shared by the audience of about 800, mostly … Continue reading

Chinatown celebrates August Moon Festival

The Chinatown August Moon Festival took place August 10 , hosted by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association. The day was sunny as attendees grabbed the plentiful freebies, explored vendors, ate delicious food and watched Chinese folk performances. The moon festival is a Chinese celebration where family and friends break away from their busy lives to come together and feast, while enjoying fun from arts and crafts to sports. The festival started off with speeches from local politicians such as Boston  City Councilor Michelle Wu  (波士頓不分區市議員吳弭) Political candidates running in the Sept. 9 primary electionalso campaigned, such as Suffolk County Sheriff Steve … Continue reading

Chinatown celebrates victory in Asian American voting rights

BY ELLEN DUONG On July 15, Gov. Deval Patrick (州長派屈克) signed a bill requiring Chinese and Vietnamese bilingual ballots to be made available at polling stations in Boston, thus marking a monumental event in the fight for equality in Asian American voting rights.  A celebration sponsored by the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA華人前進會), the Boston Chinatown Resident Association (CRA華埠居民會) and the Coalition for Asian American Voting Rights (CAAVR) was held August 13 at the Josiah Quincy School cafeteria (昆士小學飯堂) to recognize the hard work and efforts of those involved in the push for bilingual ballots in Boston. Many people braved the … Continue reading