MIT150 Exhibit celebrates faculty, alumni, and students’ role in shaping Chinatown’s future

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private university located in Cambridge, MA, was founded in 1861, almost a decade before the first large group of Chinese laborers arrived at a shoe factory in North Adams. More commonly known as MIT, the university is world-renowned for its scientific and technological research. However, the history of Boston’s Chinatown traveled on a very different trajectory than MIT’s. The community survived the Chinese Exclusion laws, police raids, and early redevelopment. In the 1950’s, institutional and highway expansion threatened the Chinatown’s existence. Luckily, this critical moment was saved by Tunney Lee, a young architect who … Continue reading

Quincy Mayor’s Asian American Advisory Committee draws diverse group

People of all ages and backgrounds are taking the initiative to help Quincy’s growing Asian population by participating in the Mayor’s Asian American Advisory Committee monthly meetings. This month’s meeting was comprised a small group, including retired Braintree High School teacher George Knasas, volunteer Sarah Sun, Mass. Energy Program Coordinator Maura O’Gara, community advocate Betty Yau, Quincy Police officer Greg Mar, founder of the Quincy Chinese Church of the Nazarene Donald Reed, and Director of the North Quincy Community Center Stephen Buckley. The Mayor’s Asian American Advisory Committee convened on February 19 to discuss the progress of Quincy’s water meter … Continue reading

It’s a no-go for propsoed Mandarin immersion school

Disappointing news has hit supporters of the proposed Boston Chinese Immersion Charter School (BCICS).  On February 17, Massachusetts education commissioner Mitchell Chester recommended that seventeen applications be granted charters by the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Yet, such an endorsement does not include BCICS. “Needless to say, we are very disappointed… We have been on this journey for more than a year.  It’s been a wonderful adventure.  Thanks so much for your encouragement and support,” wrote Helen Chin Schlichte, one of twelve founding members of BCICS, in a statement. The recommendations include fourteen Commonwealth charter schools and three … Continue reading

Ming Tsai – Networking all the way to Oprah

Emmy award winning culinary host, Ming Tsai, spoke to many professionals on the importance of networking on January 25, 2011 at the Get Konnected networking event. “[I always try] to stay connected with some of the basic stuff, even if it’s elementary; I get business cards everywhere I go [and] I write notes on them to remind me [on the people I’ve spoken to,]” Tsai said. “I don’t care who you are, if you are the cable guy or the guy selling me ovens, [I write things] such as nice person, palm pilot person.” Tsai shared a valuable advice that … Continue reading

Are people of color unwelcomed in Boston?

After Chadwick Martin Bailey, a marketing research consulting company, conducted an online survey in April 2010 with 1500 surveyed, it put Boston in a new unpleasant light.   The research showed that people viewed Boston as an unwelcoming city to other people of colors. The respondents of the survey consist of 45 Asian or Pacific Islanders, 154 Black or African American, 114 Hispanic or Latino, 15 Native American Indian or Alaskan Native, 1132 White or Caucasian, 31 multi-racial or other races across the US.  The cities that Boston was compared to were Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia and … Continue reading

AACA celebrates workforce programs and the Year of the Rabbit

January 27—One week before the arrival of Chinese New Year, the Asian American Civic Association (AACA) hosted a party at the Hilton Hotel in Boston to present awards to outstanding individuals involved with its workforce programs.  AACA currently has three job training programs:  Accounting Skills, Computer and English Training (ASCENT); Building Energy Efficiency Maintenance Skills (BEEMS); Partnership for Automotive Career Education (PACE). “Established in 1967, AACA has always been helping the underserved population gain financial, economic, and social self-efficiency.  Our tagline is to ‘educate, empower and employ’,” said Emily Damiano, Program Director. In 1972, AACA launched its first workforce program, … Continue reading