Bostonians Celebrate World Tai Chi Day

April 30 marked World Tai Chi Day.  It was a day when practitioners from across the globe invited the public to experience this ancient martial art.  Over the weekend, the Chinese Wu Shu Research Institute in Chinatown and the Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy in Malden both gave performances of Tai Chi in the community parks.   Led by Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark, a world-renowned expert in Tai Chi, dozens of veteran instructors and students from The Chinese Wu Shu Research Institute demonstrated various forms of Tai Chi.  The program featured Simplified, Combined, Chen style, and Master … Continue reading

The Kensington Gets Go-Ahead

The Zoning Commission of the City of Boston approved the petition for the approval of the Amended and Restated Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 60 The Kensington, after a public hearing at Boston City Hall on April 6. The amendments to the previous proposal include alterations to the proposed height of the building, parking plan and number of parking spaces, and number of units within the building. The Kensington, a 100% multi-family rental apartment condominium, will be erected on the corner of Washington Street and LaGrange Street in Chinatown. The expected completion date, as proposed by Kensington Investment … Continue reading

Asian American Superheroes

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an Asian American superhero….? Asian American superheroes are almost unheard of in comics or TV. However, here are a few surprising Asian superheroes: Psylocke, Sunfire, Jubilee, Atom, Batgirl. You might be shocked that Atom and Batgirl are in the list as Asian American superheroes, but if you are a comic fanatic, you would know that they were once Asian Americans who got written off and became non-Asian superheroes. In addition, Psylocke is actually a non-Asian woman trapped inside the body of a Japanese woman. Continue reading

Suzanne Lee fundraiser shows community support

City Council District 2 candidate Suzanne Lee held her first campaign fundraiser at China Pearl Restaurant in Chinatown on March 30. Nearly 300 supporters attended the buffet-style dinner, during which a number of supporters voiced their support for Lee in short speeches. Lee is the first Asian American woman to run for municipal office in Boston. Speechmakers at the event, all of whom showed support for Lee, included Lydia Lowe, Wing Kay Leung, Joe Wong, Henry Yee, Joe Ho Lee, Dora Hui, Leverett Wing, and Gock Hon Wong. “Suzanne has been a guiding light for me,” said Dora Hui, a … Continue reading

Raising money through laughter

March 26 – Asian Community Development Corporation, ACDC, hosted their 7th Asian Comedy Night.  Micheal Tow, ACDC president, started the show by giving comedy a stab with a joke.  With all jokes aside, the crowd was also informed of all the work ACDC has done over the years.  ACDC strives to help low-moderate income families to have the opportunity to buy homes.  According to Tow, 1 out of 3 Asians live under the poverty line.  This makes it even more crucial to provide resources to low income families to have access to home buying. In addition, an interesting fact that … Continue reading

Cooking for a cause

Joanne Chang, pastry chef and owner of Flour Bakery and Myers and Chang, was the honoree chef at A Spoonful of Ginger Gala on March 28, 2011. Dr. William Hsu, Medical Director of the Asian Clinic, described Chang as a person with a big heart.  Chang has been whipping up delicious concoctions for A Spoonful of Ginger for seven consecutive years. A Spoonful of Ginger was able to raise approximately $350,000 with about 450 attending guests. When asked how Chang got involved, she said, “[Chef] Jasper White contacted me and asked me if I would participate.” Chang’s response reinforces how … Continue reading