Councilor Linehan Fundraiser Dinner at the China Pearl

On July 10th, the friends of Boston City Councilor Bill Linehan held a fundraiser dinner for Councilor Linehan at the China Pearl Restaurant in Chinatown. Councilor Linehan represents District 2 of Boston, which includes Chinatown.  He has represented this district since 2007.  During the fundraiser, Councilor Linehan stated that support from Chinatown voters was crucial to his victory in 2007 and he urged attendees to continue their support by voting for him again this year in the preliminary municipal election on September 27. But even before officially representing Chinatown, Councilor Linehan had been involved in Chinatown and the South Boston … Continue reading

South Cove Expands in Quincy for Growing Asian Population

QUINCY, MA – South Cove Community Health Center is expanding its facilities in Quincy to better serve the region’s fast growing Asian population. A new building will arise on 88 Holmes Street, Quincy (corner of Holmes and Burgess Streets), right next to its existing 435 Hancock Street address. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on the morning of Thursday, June 30, 2011, and was graced by Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch and other long-time supporters of the institution. South Cove’s decision to expand is to recognize Quincy’s rapidly growing Asian population and a consequently even larger demand for multi-cultural medical services … Continue reading

Gee How Oak Tin Association Scholarship Reception

Gee How Oak Tin Association (GHOT) of New England held their 2nd annual scholarship reception for young children at their headquarters on 77 Harrison Avenue in Boston on July 2, 2011. To be eligible for the scholarship, recipients have to have a surname of Chan, Chin, Chen, Tran, Wu, Woo, or Yuen.  Awards ranged from $120 – $40.  To promote people to sign up for GHOT, award amounts were also based on membership status.  Non-members of the association received 50% less than a member recipient.   First, second, and third place member winners received $120, $100, and $80, respectively.  First, second, … Continue reading

Promoting Culture: Chinatown Main Street Festival

The Chinatown Main Street Festival took place on Sunday June 26, 2010.  The free event, occupying Hudson Street, Beach Street, Tyler Street, and Harrison Street, attracted people of all ages and ethnicity. One could smell the aroma of delicious Asian food from all corners of the streets from local vendors.  In addition, the streets were covered with activities and attractions, including origami, cultural clothing, unique epiphyte plants, jewelry, a mini Lexus car show, and few tables of Chinese chess for adults. Among the table attractions were performances by 10 different martial arts club, martial arts demonstration, a brief seminar from … Continue reading

AACA 2011 Highlights Resilience

Graduating students from the Asian American Civic Association’s (AACA) education and workforce development programs shared stories of overcoming hardships at the annual graduation ceremony at Tufts Medical Center Sackler Auditorium on June 24th. As keynote speaker and judge of the Quincy District Court, Paul M. Yee encouraged the immigrant students to pursue the path of U.S. citizenship. “All of you work so hard to be here.  I know it’s not easy, especially for those of you who have arrived in the United States recently…[once] becoming a citizen, you can vote, you can participate.  I know it’s difficult.  All of you … Continue reading

The End of An Era

This was supposed to be an article to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Knight’s Chinese Athletic Club, a lasting institution in Boston’s Chinatown. I was scheduled to collaborate on the article with Reggie Wong, founder and president of the Club. Something happened to alter our plans, something very sad. On April 3, news of Reggie Wong’s passing sent shock waves through our community. My thoughts were solely on the loss of an old friend, not on any article. It was as if the world stood still. Next thing I know, I find myself standing on a sidewalk along with … Continue reading