A Culture of Employee Appreciation

It is not difficult to understand the cheerful feeling one gets when entering through the glass doors of Adcotron EMS, Inc. Not only is the environment spotless – the pearly white walls visible all around the 35,000 square foot lot the company occupies in South Boston’s Marine Industrial Park – but in a supremely organized manner, highly-automated equipment place components on boards with precision and efficiency. However… Continue reading

New Redistricting Map Proposal

Riled and united by the Committee on Census and Redistricting’s first proposed map which, first seen before Thanksgiving, split Chinatown in half, many residents of Chinatown, as well as Mission Hill and South Boston, turned up to the latest redistricting hearing on December 9 to look at Councilor Linehan’s newest proposed map (Docket #1591), as well as voice their concerns and opinions, mostly on the speed at which the process is happening.
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