CNC approves of Hayward Place new developments

South Cove Chinatown Neighborhood Council held their monthly meeting on February 22, 2011. The main topic of discussion revolved around Hayward Place.  Christine Dunn, a representative from the Millennium-Partners Boston, announced a few modifications to the former sketch of Hayward Place. The newly proposed plan consists of 15 floors – 14 residential floors and 1 retail floor.  The previous diagram was envisioned to have 14 floors and the changes were made possible by reducing the height of each floor.  In addition, there will be 265 living units and 125 parking spaces. Dunn projects that things will be finalized soon. Dunn … Continue reading

Hong Kong: Growing market for American business

The Hong Kong government and Hong Kong Association of Massachusetts (HKAMA) co-hosted a reception in celebration of The Year of the Rabbit, bringing together those with an affiliation and interest in Hong Kong.  Under the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Julia Leung spoke in place of Guest of Honor Hong Kong Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Professor K.C. Chan.   Chan could not attend “due to unforeseen official commitments,” according to the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. U.S. Hong Kong Commissioner Donald Tong offered brief opening remarks about Hong Kong’s current economic situation before Leung updated … Continue reading

Beloved bakery owner shares her story

Sticky buns aglow with a patina of sugar; cookies stuffed with raisins and chocolate chips; rich, fudgy brownies; croissants, flaky and golden: these are the treasures to be discovered at the Flour Bakery, the brainchild of Taiwanese-American Joanne Chang, who found much of her inspiration for the Bostonian bakery phenomenon in her sweets-free childhood. “I didn’t grow up with pastry,” she told a full house at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC)recently. “It was a big deal when my mom took out oranges after dinner.” She paused to take a sip of tea, her throat scratchy from laryngitis. (“I didn’t … Continue reading

Chinatown ushers in the Year of the Rabbit

In observance of the Lunar New Year, Chinatown Main Street held the annual lion dance parade on Sunday, February 13.  There were various lion dances from numerous organizations, such as Wah Lum, Gund Kwok, and many more.  After each organization performed, they paraded through the streets of Chinatown, performing in front of every storefront to bring them luck and wealth. Along with the lion dances were also dragon dances.  To differentiate between the two types of dances, lion dances consists of only two people, whereas dragon dances consists of multiple. Fire crackers, drums, and lion dances were heard and seen … Continue reading

MIT150 Exhibit celebrates faculty, alumni, and students’ role in shaping Chinatown’s future

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private university located in Cambridge, MA, was founded in 1861, almost a decade before the first large group of Chinese laborers arrived at a shoe factory in North Adams. More commonly known as MIT, the university is world-renowned for its scientific and technological research. However, the history of Boston’s Chinatown traveled on a very different trajectory than MIT’s. The community survived the Chinese Exclusion laws, police raids, and early redevelopment. In the 1950’s, institutional and highway expansion threatened the Chinatown’s existence. Luckily, this critical moment was saved by Tunney Lee, a young architect who … Continue reading

It’s a no-go for propsoed Mandarin immersion school

Disappointing news has hit supporters of the proposed Boston Chinese Immersion Charter School (BCICS).  On February 17, Massachusetts education commissioner Mitchell Chester recommended that seventeen applications be granted charters by the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Yet, such an endorsement does not include BCICS. “Needless to say, we are very disappointed… We have been on this journey for more than a year.  It’s been a wonderful adventure.  Thanks so much for your encouragement and support,” wrote Helen Chin Schlichte, one of twelve founding members of BCICS, in a statement. The recommendations include fourteen Commonwealth charter schools and three … Continue reading