The Chinatown Coalition

The Chinatown Coalition meeting took place on Sept. 11 at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. Chinatown organizations came to the meeting to present their programs inviting others to collaborate. State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli updated the members on the legislation reviewed during this political session. Linda Chin, executive director of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, gave a presentation on its job training program called EXCEL, which encompassed the Asian Empowerment Program and teaching on life skills, English as a second language and computer skills. “These are some of the most motivated, talented, educated people I know,” Chin said. “And … Continue reading

Chinatown backs Coakley for governor in primary race

BY RICHARD LEVINE AND VEKONDA LUANGAPHAY At the Metropolitan polling station in Chinatown, poll workers prepared on Sept. 9 for voters to select their candidates for state office. “On the election and administration side, they’re working so hard to put the election together: training the staff, getting the ballots ready, getting the equipment ready, and just the time and energy put into it,” said Helen Wong, polling station warden. The polling station for Ward 3, Precinct 8, covers Chinatown and the Leather District. A total of 8,630 precinct residents included 4,457 are registered voters, and 12.74 percent — 568 of … Continue reading

Tremont Village undergoes renovation

The Tremont Village apartment complex celebrated upcoming renovations on Monday, Sept. 15. PHOTO BY VEKONDA LUANGAPHAY

BY RICHARD LEVINE The sound of a man speaking through a microphone emanated from a parking lot at the corner of Tremont and Jefferson streets on Monday, Sept. 15, at the celebration party announcing the renovations at Tremont Village began. Behind the speaker sat state officials and private bankers from Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation, Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation, and Boston Private Bank and Trust. They sat in front of Tremont Village Apartments, a squat red brick structure with beige balconies and old fashioned air conditioners. Garbage bags covered the inside of some of the apartment’s windows and a small … Continue reading

Martial arts under the night sky

The 9th Annual Films at the Gate took place Sept. 12 to 14. 

Under the city lights and stars families and local residents gather to watch a martial art film. “The neighborhood loves this event. The people working at the restaurant will step outside and watch part of the movie,” Jean Lukitsh, the film curator, said about the Asian Community Development Corporation’s 9th Annual Films at the Gate in Chinatown Park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. It was a Friday night on Sept. 12, when people grabbed popcorn and enjoyed martial art performances before watching the movie, “Fearless Hyena,” starring Jackie Chan. “Jackie Chan has that gift, that Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton … Continue reading

Chinatown Masterplan meeting

Lydia Lowe, executive director of Chinese Progressive Association, presents the potential parcels for residential housing at the Masterplan meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 17. PHOTO BY VEKONDA LUANGAPHAY

By Arick Wong   In this Masterplan meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 17, the upcoming city plans were revealed, as community members met in the Josiah Quincy School on Washington Street. Concerns about the gentrification of Chinatown seem to be an ongoing development, and community members met to discuss how to ensure Chinatown continues to preserve affordable housing units for their families. In attempt to combat the gentrification process, community members have a list of priorities. Over the next ten years, members predict that approximately 1,000 new or newly preserved affordable housing units will be available. Some potential sites for building … Continue reading

Continued Efforts To Clean Up Chinatown

John Meaney, director of Boston's Environmental Services, talks about the importance of enforcement and education. (left to right: Meaney, Sgt. Steven Tankle of the Code Enforcement Police, Frank X O'Brien of the Public Works Department, and Courtney Ho-Ha, executive director of Chinatown Main Street) PHOTO BY ARICK WONG

By Arick Wong In a recent forum sponsored by the Clean Up Chinatown Committee, community members and government officials convened to discuss the looming issue of Chinatown’s streets. “Chinatown has the worst recycling rate in the entire city,” states Frank O’Brien, the public relations administrative assistant for the Public Works Department. Garbage continues to pile up on the sidewalks, and often heaps of trashes are carelessly deposited into gutters and public areas. The lack of educational resources for proper trash removal and recycling may be a primary contributor; however, the architecture, the language barriers, and the transient immigrant community only … Continue reading