Animal cruelty

Everyone loves animals. You could be a dog lover, cat lover, or even a ferret lover. Although some animals are fortunate enough to have a loving family, most aren’t. In reality, animals are usually abused, neglected, or overbred, and eventually make their way to the animal shelters, and if they’re unlucky, death. But even in animal shelters, some eventually die from euthanization. Animals go through so much abuse, ranging from rabbits and other small mammals in lab testing, dogs in fighting rings, and over breeding in puppy mills. Not much people notice it, but the consumer products that they are … Continue reading

Cakes versus pies

Many things are often enjoyed in parties of family and friends, like BBQs, hot dogs, and, of course, cakes and pies. Cakes and pies are seen in a wide range of celebrations and get-togethers, such as birthdays or reunions. Cakes and pies both taste good and can be decorated in many ways. You may have seen houses made out of cookies with cherries on top, beautiful cakes with realistic (yet edible!) decorations, or even something like rocket-shaped cake on a launching pad. Decorations aren’t a competition between these two party foods, but there are lots more to compare. The most … Continue reading

Chinese dulcimer

When someone tells you to name an instrument, which instrument comes to your mind first? Maybe a piano since it is very popular. Other instruments that might come to mind would be a guitar, a flute, drums, etc. What about the Chinese hammered dulcimer? What is a Chinese hammered dulcimer anyway? A Chinese hammered dulcimer, also known as a yangqin, is a stringed musical instrument. It has strings stretched over a trapezoidal wooden box. The dulcimer is usually played by two bamboo mallets. With the two mallets, you can hit the strings or plucks the strings. The dulcimer can be … Continue reading

Family matters

Hi, my name is Aileen, and I am the youngest of five children, at 17 years old. Not to mention I am the only female in the family other than my mother of course. Unfortunately I do not live with my parents; instead I live with my four brothers. No, my parents are not divorced, they are just in another state trying to handle a restaurant business and make a living. My brothers and I currently live in San Diego, California, while my parents are in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a six hour drive from San Diego to Las … Continue reading

Summer trends for girls

If you’re a girl who loves to be at the forefront of summer fashion, this article is for you! You’ll know what to wear so you don’t look like a total goofball on your next date. If you disagree with me, please keep your opinions to yourself. Everyone should know: trends are seasonal. Nails, clothes, shoes, body spray, per­fume, and hairstyles all follow trends. If you look around you, everyone ad­heres to seasonal fashion paradigms to some extent. For example in winter we wear big jackets with fur on the hoodie or long coats. But when summer comes, everyone puts … Continue reading

ABCD Summer Works

Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) employs more than 2,000 young Bostonians with paid seasonal jobs and work experiences in Massachusetts. The ABCD Summer Works program will kick off its first day of work for students after the July 4th holiday weekend. The youth employment initiative helps prepare more than 2,000 youth and young adults ages 14-24 for future careers while fighting teen unemployment. During this time of rising national unemployment rates, the job prospects for teenagers who want to work are even worse. Students seeking summer work experience, generally 16 to 24 years old, are struggling to find jobs. … Continue reading