My Trip to China: from the Mountains to the Sea

On my trip to China this summer my wife and I decided to visit some of the remoter natural wonders in the mountains ofSichuan. I had always wanted to visit this region ever since I first went to China eighteen years ago, but I never got the chance. This trip however, we finally went to the edge of the Himalayas in a journey that led us from the mountains of Greater Tibet to the East China Sea. Continue reading

Ford Foundation Gives $1 Million to Help Expand Number of U.S. Students with Experience in China

NEW YORK, May 8, 2012 — The Ford Foundation today announced a $1 million contribution to support the creation of a nonprofit initiative to help increase the number of American university students who spend some portion of their academic years in China.
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LONDON, ENGLAND Yes, this choice is a little bit cliché but with the summer Olympic Games just around the corner, why wouldn’t you spend some time in London this year? No other city in the world provides the traveler with such a blend of history and modernity, and while you can visit some of the most-renowned museums on the planet in London, you can also spend your time looking at the national monuments scattered around the city. Want an affordable way to see the city of London in a completely different light? Why not take a ride in the London … Continue reading