Visit three fun destinations: Plymouth, the Berkshires and Gloucester

A 1939 state map. (Image courtesy of the State Library of Massachusetts.)

Summer is ending much too fast. Make the most of the warm weather with family and friends by enjoying a fun affordable vacation on Labor Day weekend. Whether it’s history at Plymouth, the heights of the Berkshires or beaches at Gloucester, the state of Massachusetts has something for everyone. If you’ve got too many weddings to attend during summer, be sure to visit these destinations in the fall! Continue reading

Discovering simple Icelandic fare

Smoked trout and cod mash over rye at Café Loki. (Image by Anna Ing.)

Cold, volcanos, happy people and seafood come to mind when I think of Iceland. Surprisingly, an affordable hot dog is the nation’s favorite dish that even President Bill Clinton had to try. Aside from delicious seafood, there are some famous Icelandic delicacies, such as fermented shark. Being an island, it can get very expensive. Continue reading

Jiufen offers glimpse of traditional Taiwan

Jishan Street in Jiufen, Taiwan. Image courtesy of Anna Cheong.

If you crave traditional Taiwanese snacks and yearn for the mountains, Jiufen is one of the best destinations in Taiwan. The mountainside village was once a prosperous gold mining town. After World War II, the mining business declined, leaving behind quaint streets and well-preserved tea houses. While the roads leading up to the town remain dangerously steep and narrow, the tranquility and hazy atmosphere adds a haunting loveliness. With views of the Pacific Ocean, traditional snacks and handmade leather goods, it is a hot tourist attraction. Continue reading