Ask a financial planner: Retirement plan savings

As a financial planner, I have clients and friends ask me all the time about how much they should invest in their company-sponsored retirement plan. The answer I always provide is a simple one: as much as you can afford. Although most of us believe retirement is far off in the distance and we have many other things to spend our hard-earned money on, retirement savings is an important planning topic to be aware of. Continue reading

How to improve your Credit Score

In your daily life, your credit score may not seem that important to you. However for someone who is trying to buy a house or a car or get a business loan, your credit score is vitally important and can be the difference between getting the loan or not. Even if you’re approved for the loan, your credit score has an impact on how much you can get and what rate of interest you will pay. So here are some tips to improve your credit score. Continue reading

Call For Articles征稿

Picture by aveoree via flickr

Call for Articles and Pictures Sampan Newspaper August Moon Special Issue Dear Sampan’s Readers and Friends, Sampan is going to have one of the most important special issues, August Moon Special, on September 28, two days before the Chinese traditional Festival, August Moon. We would like to invite you to contribute articles and pictures. Theme: Family; Moon; Friendship; Home; Chinese Culture Articles Personal experiences or stories related to one or more key words listed above. 500-1000 words preferred. Please include your name, age, profession, city and contact information within your article. Email to, indicate “August Moon Article” in your … Continue reading