How to avoid cyber financial scams

BY LEO GUEN For you older readers, keeping up with technology today is almost as difficult as keeping up with the latest methods criminals might use to steal your financial assets via the Internet. Once home banking became widely accepted in 2001, cyber criminals have sought increasingly clever ways to get around Internet communication security. To get started, criminals try to entice or trick you into clicking on a link or button or attachment that downloads malware (malicious software) onto your computer. Then, the downloaded malware can position itself between you and your bank. To you, the malware pretends to … Continue reading

Back to school shopping without breaking the bank

  By MassMutual It seems like the summer is just getting going, and already it’s time to start thinking about back to school. The children may still be wearing bathing suits, flip flops and sunglasses, but many families are already thinking about books, backpacks and boots. Unfortunately for many families, back to school shopping may also mean whining children and nagging parents arguing over an endless list of electronics, expensive sneakers, and the like. This year, instead of frustration, opt for cooperation from your school-aged kids. Back-to-school time is the big buying season for them, so take the opportunity to … Continue reading