Special Interview with BCNC: Exercise and Healthy Living

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, BCNC, serving over 2,900 people in the Asian community consists of 8 programs, including child care services, afterschool programs, youth center, enrichment programs, adult education and family service.  BCNC is one of the five recipients of the Tufts Medical Center’s Asian Health Initiative, AHI, grant funding.  AHI was established in 1995 and BCNC is considered a veteran in receiving this grant. According to Yoyo Yau, Director of Family Services at BCNC, “Under AHI support, Family Services was able to reach out to immigrant families from the BCNC community and the larger Chinese community.  FS recognizes the … Continue reading

What is your need for Money?

Do you ever feel that your grip on your money and how it affects your life is slowly spinning out of control? Many people, whether they know it or not, are letting their lack of true understanding of their relationship with money and their need for money dictate who they are. Whether it’s a person living on paycheck to paycheck under a mountain of debt, or the CEO who can’t slow down and smell the roses while life passes them by, don’t let money take hold of your life. You need to understand it, be in control of it and … Continue reading

Breaking Barriers at Harvard Law School

Considered as an “A list celebrity” in the world of law, Jeannie Suk recently became the first Asian American woman to receive tenure at Harvard Law School.  At a young age, Suk was already passionate about becoming a lawyer.  Her passion to become a lawyer was intrigued by the idea of arguing cases in front of a jury. Suk was born in Seoul, Korea. When her father was given the opportunity to attend a medical training program in the U.S., her family immigrated here. Suk commented, “I’ve never totally understood how one undertakes the momentous decision to start a life … Continue reading

We’re Getting Married!

So you’ve met that special someone in your life and now, you plan on getting married! Congratulations! While I’m sure that the two of you will live happily ever after, the reality is that over 50% of marriages end in divorce due to financial issues and other common problems. It is important to be open about your finances and to have discussions about it to try to avoid problems down the line. Here are some tips to think about and topics to discuss with your fiancé. Be open about each other’s financial situation Set a time to go over each … Continue reading

Where will my retirement income come from?

78 million baby boomers are heading for retirement and one of them may be you (those born between 1946 and 1964). As you begin to approach retirement you may be worrying about where your income will come from during retirement. Traditionally retirement experts have talked about the 3 legged stool for retirement. The three parts of the stool are Social Security, pensions and personal savings. Let’s take a closer look at each of these parts and then take a look at where we “stand” afterward. Social Security The Social Security Act was first created in 1935 and signed by President … Continue reading