Learning how to change habits

A lot of your diabetes care is up to you. You may have already changed some habits to take better care of yourself. Perhaps you exercise more now than you did before you were diagnosed with diabetes. Maybe you’d like to change other habits but you’re stuck—you feel like you just can’t get started. Changing habits can be hard to do. But you can learn a step-by-step approach that will help you reach your goals. What happens when you change a habit? Every change involves several stages: • Precontemplation. Maybe you think that a change would help but you’re not … Continue reading

Being Chinese in Charlestown, Part II in an Occasional Series

In movies like “The Departed” and “The Town,” Charlestown is grim, gray, and pockmarked with bullet holes, a haven for bad men who are hardened, immoral, and almost always Irish. Charlestown is indeed grim and gray in some parts, and those parts are also significantly gritty—a resident’s crime risk is twice the national average. But Charlestown is not, and has not been for decades, entirely Irish. As Bostonian neighborhoods gentrify, and the location of low-income housing shifts, more and more immigrants are pouring into Charlestown. They are fleeing widespread gentrification and taking advantage of some of the lowest rents and … Continue reading

Following the herd

Have you heard of “Herd” behavior in animals? This is the phenomenon where animals of the same species will act together and react the same way without coordination. When an animal is threatened, he has more perceived safety and protection from the herd. When the predator attacks, the chances for any one individual animal to be a victim is greatly reduced. Herd mentality, however, is not just isolated to animals. In fact, individual investors are extremely prone to these reactions when it comes to investing. When the stock market is at the beginning of a bullish cycle, it usually goes … Continue reading

Getting started with physical activity

No matter how old you are or what kind of shape you’re in, physical activity can do a lot for you. If you’re interested in becoming more active, these steps will help you get ready for a routine that’s safe and enjoyable. – Have a checkup and find out which activities will be safe for you. – Choose what you’ll do for your routine and make detailed plans. – Find out how physical activity can affect your blood glucose (sugar) levels. – Learn how to avoid low blood glucose and what to do if it happens. – Plan how to … Continue reading

A conversation with Maxine Hong Kingston and Gish Jen

Maxine Hong Kingston is one of the pathbreakers among Asian-American female writers.  Gish Jen has also more recently gained recognition for her literary works.  Bearing their dual minority status, breaking into the publishing world must have been quite a struggle. The Sampan joined Hong Kingston and Jen in their catch-up before they went on the stage to share their thoughts on the topic of “Immigrant in America,” a Civic Discourse series presented by the University and the Boston Athenæum on February 9. Sampan:  When did the writing all start? Jen:  I usually say the beginning was when I was an … Continue reading