A Walk Through Chinatown

Many Bostonians tend to think of Chinatown as a commercial hub, a place to get dim sum, dumplings, and cheap imported goods. But next time you walk through the streets of Chinatown, look up. Above the restaurants and storefronts of the 300 plus businesses are the apartments of some of the 6,000 plus people who call Boston’s Chinatown home. On Saturday May 7, I participated in a walking tour of Chinatown that was designed to share more about the lesser known historical and residential side of Chinatown. “By giving these tours, we are helping maintain the history [of Chinatown],” said … Continue reading

Massachusetts DREAMin’

Last month, Democratic Senators re-introduced the decade-old DREAM Act, a legislation that would offer legal status to eligible undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country as minors. The decade-old bill narrowly failed to overcome a filibuster last December, after passing the House of Representatives – the furthest the bill has ever reached. The political prospects of its passage this time around are dim unless it is a bipartisan effort. Nevertheless, the urgency and needs of thousands of students loom larger than ever. This population of DREAMers, which argues many advocates, educators and businesspeople, is the most deserving group of … Continue reading

David NGO tackles China’s one-child Goliath

It’s a girl!  The phrase that brings joy and pride to so many couples often elicits the opposite reaction in China, where an extreme number of daughters are abandoned or aborted. The alarming trend is attributed by many to the government’s one-child policy.  The weighty subject was a topic of conversation on June 17th at a fundraiser in Boston to support All Girls Allowed (AGA), an organization that helps to restore life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China. Photographs lined the banquet hall displaying happy mothers with their daughters, many of whom were helped by AGA.  The … Continue reading

So, you’re thinking about retiring!

After many years in the workforce, you’re thinking about retiring. Congratulations! Most people think the only thing to consider before retiring is figuring out how much money they will need and how many assets and income they have to pay for it. However, there are a lot more things besides the finances to take into account as you make this decision. Here are a few additional things to consider before taking the big plunge! What will you do? Taking a break and doing nothing but relaxing may sound good right now, but after a few months it may become monotonous. … Continue reading