Tears escape my eyes as I recite the lyrics to your heart the song I could hear the note I cant reach because you’re far away away from my embrace away from the love that sang together the hearts that fit together like puzzles all went crashing down the pieces that cut when touched the pieces that cant even be fixed awaken trying to find a way back to you struggling to sleep on this dream months since you’ve been stuck on my mind desire to be in your arms even more floors creaks making me look up to see … Continue reading

Asian American Film Festival launches in Boston

Films featuring Asian American actors, culture, and issues will be presented this year in five different venues across the Boston area.  The Boston Asian American Film Festival (BAAFF), facilitated by the Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW), will include 14 independent films and videos, five screening events, a workshop on Asian Americans in film, and 13 community presenting partners.  Ranging from comedies to dramas and short films, the festival will offer a wide breadth of topics for Greater Boston audiences. BAAFF kicked off with a fundraiser launch party on Wednesday, October 20th, at Splash Ultra Lounge. Attendees networked, enjoyed food and … Continue reading

Flu facts

What is influenza (flu)? Influenza, commonly called “the flu,” is a lung (respiratory) infection caused by the influenza virus.  Although someone with a mild case of flu may have symptoms similar to a cold, most cases of flu are more serious than the common cold. The flu virus changes slightly each year, so each year a new batch of vaccine must be made. When does flu occur? Flu occurs in the United States most often in the winter. Flu-like symptoms in summer months are usually due to other viruses. Who gets the flu? Anyone who has not been vaccinated with … Continue reading