Fried Ninja Delights: An Asian American Perspective in Africa

A curious thing happens when you are away from home.  Stripped of your normal routine and amenities, you begin to see things in a different light.  For me, it was the combination of crab rangoons, lady fingers, and fried chicken wings: the Holy Grail of American Chinese food. Never in my wildest dreams would I have craved for any of these grease-laced dishes back in America, but as I’m sitting under a mosquito net in my hut in a small village in the middle of Africa, all I can think about is their deep-fried goodness and how much I want … Continue reading

Why We Serve

The modern American Soldier has changed and evolved; as has war from the early days of our fledgling nation to our current days as a global superpower.  However, the attribute of each man and woman who has donned the burden of a United States Military uniform has remained steadfast.  Each Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine, past and present, will attest to his or her undying love and patriotic duty for our country. This is not to say that every conflict our country has engaged in was justifiable.  No; instead, it is that each uniformed member of the armed forces has served … Continue reading

Gary Locke adds unique guanxi to US-China relations

US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke is leaving President Obama’s cabinet, which currently has the highest Asian American representation in history (the other two members being Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki). But Locke’s departure is not at all a demotion, but a grand gesture on the part of the Obama administration. President Obama nominated Locke in March to replace outgoing ambassador Jon Huntsman, speculated to gear up for a 2012 presidential run against his boss. When confirmed by the Senate to become the next ambassador to China, Locke will continue to further American business interests and … Continue reading

What to do with your old Retirement Accounts?

It used to be just working one job your whole career. But in today’s world, the average person can expect to change careers three to five times in his or her lifetime. Not only can it be a hassle dealing with the human resources of your old firm, but it’s also another 401k plan to have to deal with. By now you may have 2, 3 or even more old 401k accounts whose statements you throw into a box, many times without even opening up the envelope. Is this you? If so, here’s what you can do to your old … Continue reading

Chinese Brush Painting: A New Way of Meditation

From Beijing, China, Zhangping will be in the US for ten weeks as a BCA (Boston Center for the Fine Arts) art resident to explore the contemporary female roles.  Zhangping’s project is called Big Women Series.  Zhangping plans to interview numerous women in the US to understand their roles in the Western culture and compare it to those of the women in China.  She plans on using Chinese brush painting on the individuals that she meets in US and oil painting on the individuals she studies in the East.   Taking time away from her research, Zhangping conducted a free … Continue reading