Three Day Immigration Integration Conference Inspires, National Leaders and Immigration Advocates Assemble in Boston

US President Barack Obama congratulated a group of newly naturalized citizens in Boston’s Exchange Conference Center via video during the opening reception of the “Becoming Americans” National Immigration Integration Conference (NIIC).  Hosted by the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, over 400 professionals, immigrant advocates and researchers, and speakers including Governor Deval Patrick and the United States Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis gathered to share thoughts regarding the state of immigration today. According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer Denis Riordan, the USCIS chose the next twenty-nine people in line, representing fourteen different countries, to participate in … Continue reading

Interview with Sherry Dong, Director of Community Health at Tufts Medical Center

Sherry Dong is a familiar face around the blocks of Chinatown.  Known for her dedication to promoting Asian-American health, Dong’s involvement in the community goes above and beyond her role as the Director of Community Health at Tufts Medical Center.  On October 29, Dong will be honored at the 2010 Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) Community Awards Dinner for her exceptional contributions to Boston’s neighborhoods and civic life.  In the following interview with the Sampan, Dong, shares about growing up in New York City and her desires for the betterment of the Asian-American community. Sampan:  Please tell us about … Continue reading

Taiwanese puppetry showcased at the Newton Free Library

Taiwanese glove puppetry, a popular performance art, is now on display in the atrium of the New Free Library till September 30.  Provided by the Culture Center of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECO), the exhibit features eight series of Taiwanese folklore tales and temple fair tradition. One of the folklore series is Auntie Tiger, a Hakka folktale about a tiger spirit, who, through the use of black magic, turns itself into an elderly woman.  Disguised as a kind old lady, the spirit knocks on doors and preys particularly on children who are home alone. Its tricks … Continue reading

Interview with Chun-Fai Chan

Chun-Fai Chan is one of the five candidates vying to replace former District 6 City Councilor John Tobin a special election preliminary ballot Oct. 19.  District 6 encompasses West Roxbury, Jamaica Plan, Roslindale and Mission Hill. Chan is a long-term West Roxbury resident and high school teacher.  He and his family have deep roots in Boston Chinatown.  Chan shares with the Sampan about his vision for public education and his reasons for running. Sampan: Please tell our readers about yourself. Chan: I was born in Hong Kong and I came to Boston with my family when I was four years … Continue reading

Book review: Innocent, by Scott Turow

In 1986, the novel Presumed Innocent took the nation by storm and began a trend of legal thrillers on bookstore shelves left and right. It is a story that combines a number of intriguing elements: a prosecutor being prosecuted, a secret adulterous affair with the victim, missing legal files, red herrings here and there, and a protagonist, Rozat “Rusty” Sabich, whose stand in this matter is ambiguous to the reader. Sabich is a deputy prosecutor who is assigned to take the case involving the murder of another prosecutor, Carolyn Polhemus, who was once his former lover and for whom he … Continue reading