Hundreds Take Part in Boston Chinatown’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Despite a day marred with showers, hundreds turned up to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Boston’s Chinatown on Sunday, August 14. More than twenty-five stalls, selling a variety of products, from handmade souvenirs to International calling cards to Asian DVDs, set up white tents to showcase their goods and add to the atmosphere that enveloped Chinatown during the annual celebration. Mid-Autumn (or August Moon), a festival that dates back some 3,000 years, is one of the most important annual festivals in Chinese culture, equaled only by Chinese New Year and the Winter Solstice. Typical ways of celebrating the occasion include carrying … Continue reading

Kwong Kow Chinese School “Bridging China and the World”

With the mission to disseminate Chinese language and culture to Chinese and non-Chinese learners, Boston Chinatown’s Kwong Kow Chinese School (KKCS) combines fun with a healthy appetite for academic excellence. Pairing a heritage of more than 90 years with a constant influx of Chinese immigrants into the Chinatown area, KKCS is kept busy year round – but never more so than during the summer. This summer, enrollment at KKCS peaked at 286 students – with ages ranging from kindergarten to those looking to embark on a college career in the near future. “Our capacity is 216, actually,” said Interim Principal … Continue reading

Foreign Religions in China

On my most recent trip to China, my wife and I ended up visiting a lot of religious sites by chance.  We saw Taoist and Buddhist temples in remote areas and spent a day visiting the Grand Mosque of Xi’an, among other places.  Nearly every one of these sites, I realized, was actually a foreign religious site to China, in one way or another.  When one thinks of “foreign” religions in China, usually Christianity or Islam comes to mind; but Buddhism also came to China from another country and was not always welcome.  When I was first in China, back … Continue reading

International Leadership Foundation Dinner Sheds Optimistic Light on the Next Generation in Cross-Strait and Sino-US Relations

Clad in a dress shirt and blazer, his hair molded into soft spikes, 24-year-old Kevin Hsu told me shyly, “Citizens are so polite here. When we see people give speeches, our teachers always call for a round of applause…So I learned that in America we have to have gratitude. We cannot take things for granted.”  It was just one of the many valuable lessons that Hsu, who is currently studying in Taipei, learned in his first few days on an International Leadership Foundation-sponsored trip to the United States. He and about 40 Taiwanese and Chinese peers had already spent three … Continue reading

Teaching your teenagers about money

Sure, I know what you’re thinking: I can’t even talk to my teenagers, let alone teach them something. While it may seem like everything is going into one ear and out the other, having your teenagers learn about money and good money habits will give them a huge advantage in life.  Here are some ways and ideas to teach your teenagers about money. Open a savings and checking account Open a savings and checking account under your teenager’s name or if they’re younger in a joint account with you. When they get their statements go over how to read the … Continue reading