Interview with Sherry Dong, Director of Community Health at Tufts Medical Center

Sherry Dong is a familiar face around the blocks of Chinatown.  Known for her dedication to promoting Asian-American health, Dong’s involvement in the community goes above and beyond her role as the Director of Community Health at Tufts Medical Center.  On October 29, Dong will be honored at the 2010 Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) Community Awards Dinner for her exceptional contributions to Boston’s neighborhoods and civic life.  In the following interview with the Sampan, Dong, shares about growing up in New York City and her desires for the betterment of the Asian-American community. Sampan:  Please tell us about … Continue reading

Interview with Chun-Fai Chan

Chun-Fai Chan is one of the five candidates vying to replace former District 6 City Councilor John Tobin a special election preliminary ballot Oct. 19.  District 6 encompasses West Roxbury, Jamaica Plan, Roslindale and Mission Hill. Chan is a long-term West Roxbury resident and high school teacher.  He and his family have deep roots in Boston Chinatown.  Chan shares with the Sampan about his vision for public education and his reasons for running. Sampan: Please tell our readers about yourself. Chan: I was born in Hong Kong and I came to Boston with my family when I was four years … Continue reading

Interview with Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz

In November, 2008, Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz won the general election to represent the Second Suffolk District, which consists of Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Roxbury, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, South End, Back Bay, Fenway, and a small portion of Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roslindale.  Chang-Díaz is once again.  Now she is seeking second term.  In the following interview, Senator Chang-Díaz talks to the Sampan about what stood out in the past two years, and what lies ahead. Sampan:  How has your experience been as a State Senator? Chang-Díaz:  My experience as the state senator for the past year and a half has been … Continue reading

Quincy Mayor’s Asian American Advisory Committee updates community on recent MBTA- related robberies

The Quincy Mayor’s Asian American Advisory Committee met in August to discuss the recent trend in armed robberies in Quincy, a Quincy Chamber of Commerce Asian Business outreach survey, and the Asian Business Partnership Outreach meeting. According to the MBTA transit police in a public alert, a series of unarmed nighttime robberies have taken place in neighborhoods adjacent to both North Quincy and Wollaston train stations in the last couple of months.  In four out of five reported incidents last reported in August the victim was an Asian female walking with a purse from the Wollaston train station.  According to … Continue reading

Former homeless, at-risk youth running for State Senate

Hassan Williams is running for the State Senate seat of the 2nd Suffolk District against incumbent candidate Sonia Chang-Diaz on the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 14.  This former at-risk youth from Roxbury shares with the Sampan why he wants to run for office. Sampan: Please tell our readers about yourself. Williams:  My name is Hassan A. Williams and I am an educator, attorney and community advocate.  As a child, I was a troubled youth.  Born and raised in Roxbury, I resorted to hustling and fighting to survive.  I attended Boston Latin School and graduated from Boston Technical High School (currently known as … Continue reading