Overcoming immigration myths: ‘Anchor babies’ and automatic citizenship

The myth of “anchor babies” is prevalent and is harmful to the many people’s opinions of immigrants in the United States. Because the United States is a country that grants citizenship to any child born on its soil, some people mistakenly believe that parents strive to give birth to children in America so that they can get a green card through their child or avoid deportation. Continue reading

Sheriffs to Conduct Day of Town Halls on Immigration Enforcement Gaps

Alexandria, VA – Sheriffs from across the Country will be holding a series of briefings and meetings with their local media and communities to discuss the challenges they are faced with because of lax enforcement rules for US immigration policies. These sessions will be held in several places including California, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Ohio, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. At least two states, Texas and Florida, will see significant involvement form the entire state delegations of Sheriffs. “We are gravely concerned the nation doesn’t understand the effects of limited enforcement support for detaining dangerous illegal aliens in our jails,” proclaimed Jonathan Thompson, … Continue reading