When are you considered OVERWEIGHT?

The terms “obese” and “overweight” are labels used to categorize people into ranges that are helpful in identifying those who are heavier than what is generally healthy. To determine whether or not one falls into one of the two categories medical professionals use the Body Mass Index (BMI), a number that takes into account a person’s height and weight, which is then compared to a chart that identifies weight ranges. The BMI is used because it tends to accurately correlate with the amount of body fat a person possesses. Continue reading

An Introduction to the Asian Health Initiative

The local Asian community is vast and encompasses a wide variety of different nationalities, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. In response to the health needs of the local Asian community, Tufts Medical Center, in consultation with the South Cove/Chinatown Neighborhood Council, established the Asian Health Initiative (AHI) and its advisory committee in 1995. The AHI identifies public health issues of particular prevalence or concern to the local Asian community and seeks to work collaboratively with local community-based organizations to help address those health issues in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting. Continue reading

See, Test, Treat – Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Prevention Program at Tufts Medical Center

On Saturday October 15, Tufts Medical Center will host the College of American Pathologists See, Test & Treat breast and cervical cancer screening prevention program. The event was held for the first time last year and was successful in identifying early disease. The event being offered at Tufts Medical Center is a one-day event designed for Asian-American women, 21 years of age and older who live in the Boston-metro area, however all women are encouraged to attend. Continue reading

Chinese Brush Painting: A New Way of Meditation

From Beijing, China, Zhangping will be in the US for ten weeks as a BCA (Boston Center for the Fine Arts) art resident to explore the contemporary female roles.  Zhangping’s project is called Big Women Series.  Zhangping plans to interview numerous women in the US to understand their roles in the Western culture and compare it to those of the women in China.  She plans on using Chinese brush painting on the individuals that she meets in US and oil painting on the individuals she studies in the East.   Taking time away from her research, Zhangping conducted a free … Continue reading