Ask Doctor Yu, Chinese medicine practitioner: Yin or yang?

Many patients come to me asking whether they are “cold” or “hot” people. Coldness and heat are two principles in Chinese medicine used to differentiate between how much yin and yang individuals have. It does not refer to whether a person is hot- or cold-blooded, but about the balance of the hot yang to the cold yin. Continue reading

Four traditional Chinese recipes for growing children

Children have unique developmental needs. We look at Chinese supplements appropriate for their needs as they grow. Based on their bodies, the best supplements for children are not the same as adults. They need food that is easily absorbed and strengthens their lung, spleen and kidney functions. However, the recipes below are also suitable for adults and elderly people to consume as well. Continue reading

How to combat winter blues

Seasonal affective disorder is a specific form of depression that only occurs during a certain time of the year. In rare cases, this can actually be the summertime, but for most people, it occurs in the winter months. Similar to regular depression, it tends to arise during the teenage years and early adulthood, especially for women. Continue reading

Boston Asian doctor named to board of American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association, the nation’s largest voluntary health organization leading the fight to stop diabetes, announced Dr. George King of Dover, Mass., has been named a member of the board of directors for the association. As a board member, King is responsible for the oversight of the association’s key strategic objectives. Additionally, he will work closely with the association’s volunteers and staff on initiatives in support of the organization’s mission during his tenure. Continue reading

Understand lung cancer risks in National Radon Month

Radon, a radioactive gas that is found in nearly all soils, has been identified as one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, radon causes between 15,000 and 22,000 lung cancer deaths every year in the country. Continue reading

HFCS in manufactured food may lead to health issues, study says

Have you ever thought about your high blood sugar being linked to daily intake of soft drinks and processed foods? A study published in Metabolism May 2012 issue shows that consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a sweetener commonly used in manufactured foods and beverages, may link to a variety of health issues such as diabetes and metabolic effects. Continue reading