SampanHealth: Why Exercise is Good for You

With Thanksgiving (and all that festive food) in our rear view mirrors, and Christmas and the new year coming up ahead, there hasn’t been a better time to start exercising if you haven’t already. The benefits of exercise are countless. Not only does a regular exercise routine help you feel better, but you’ll have more energy and perhaps even live longer. Who doesn’t want that?

Check out these six extra benefits that exercise produces. Continue reading

When are you considered OVERWEIGHT?

The terms “obese” and “overweight” are labels used to categorize people into ranges that are helpful in identifying those who are heavier than what is generally healthy. To determine whether or not one falls into one of the two categories medical professionals use the Body Mass Index (BMI), a number that takes into account a person’s height and weight, which is then compared to a chart that identifies weight ranges. The BMI is used because it tends to accurately correlate with the amount of body fat a person possesses. Continue reading

An Introduction to the Asian Health Initiative

The local Asian community is vast and encompasses a wide variety of different nationalities, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. In response to the health needs of the local Asian community, Tufts Medical Center, in consultation with the South Cove/Chinatown Neighborhood Council, established the Asian Health Initiative (AHI) and its advisory committee in 1995. The AHI identifies public health issues of particular prevalence or concern to the local Asian community and seeks to work collaboratively with local community-based organizations to help address those health issues in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting. Continue reading