Chinese seniors learn about nutrition in Newton

By Richard Levine The Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center and Springwell hosted a “Happy Elders” seminar on antioxidants and diet on Oct. 14 at the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association, on 437 Cherry Street in Newton. The workshop attracted 20 Asian seniors, with nutrition information provided by Meghan Ostrander, nutrition director at Springwell. Lili Mei, a director at the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center, interpreted in Cantonese and Mandarin. Ostrander answered questions about the health benefits of condiments to the best type of olive oil for cooking. “Their questions were very good,” Ostrander said. “This is the first … Continue reading

Chinese-American student death at Penn ruled suicide

Suicide on college campuses is tragic, with six incidenst at the University of Pennsylvania this year. (Image courtesy of Flickr user Lee Morley.)
圖片來自Flickr用戶Lee Morley。

By Ezra White University of Pennsylvania student Amanda Hu’s committed suicide on Sept. 28 in her bedroom. The Charlotte, North Carolina resident was taking a leave of absence and worked in a biochemistry lab. This is not an isolated incident on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus; Hu’s suicide marks the university’s sixth since August 2013. On August 24, Penn student Theodric Reed committed suicide. Reed had a history of depression that was being treated at home, as well as by the university’s counseling and psychological services division. What made Reed’s suicide especially troubling is that Reed’s mother shortly before the … Continue reading

Fall fun: Where to go apple picking

Photo courtesy of Zhanglin Kong

By Zhanglin Kong, licensed dietitian   ‘Tis the season for apple picking. Coworkers are handing out apples by the bushel in the office while your neighbors are plying you with homemade apple sauces and pies. The aroma of cinnamon and fresh-picked fruit is an unmistakable part of apple season’s charm. Apple picking is not to be missed, and fortunately, popular orchards in the area allow you and your family to enjoy a pleasant apple-picking experience. I’ve also provided a simple, yet foolproof apple recipe to round out the apple season. Honey Pot Hill Orchards (138 Sudbury Road, Stow, MA 01775): … Continue reading

Regular exercise can help kids do better in school

By StatePoint Physical activity may not be the first thing parents or teachers think about when they want to boost a child’s academic performance, but evidence supports the notion that a bit of exercise for the body is beneficial to the brain as well. In fact, kindergarteners who participated in Build Our Kids’ Success (BOKS), a free before-school program involving physical activity and nutrition education, had significantly improved memory skills as rated by teachers, compared to their peers who did not participate. A study of the children’s performance also concluded that those who participated in the program exhibited good behavior … Continue reading

Avoiding Eye Complications of Diabetes

  By Jennifer K. Sun, MD and Ka Hei Karen Lau, MS, RD, LDN, CDE Having poorly controlled blood sugar for a long time may cause complications related to diabetes. Eye complications are the most common preventable complication in patients with diabetes. Changes in the eyes from diabetes usually affect the retina, the thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye and contains the light sensing cells which transit visual signals back to the brain. These changes, also called “diabetic retinopathy,” are the result of chronically high blood sugar levels that damage the blood vessels of the … Continue reading