Chinatown meeting roundup: CCBA, CNC, CRA, CSC

Boston Police Capt. Jim Hasson for district A-1 (center) addressed the Chinatown Safety Committee on Dec. 4. On his right was Tom Lema, while moderator Bill Moy was on his left. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong.)
波士頓警察局A-1區長 Jim Hasson 在12月4日的華埠治安委員會自我介紹。左邊是隊長利瑪•湯姆跟右邊是主席陳灼鋆。 (圖片由黃靈美提供。)

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Chinatown Neighborhood Council, Chinatown Resident Association and Chinatown Safety Committee met in November and December. Continue reading

Chinese painter donates artwork to early education center

Chinese painter Ge Yun donated 26 works of art to the Buds and Blossoms Early Education and Care Center on Oct. 18. (L to R) Ida Koo, co-director of Buds and Blossoms, a Buds and Blossoms parent and student, Ge, Asian American Civic Association executive director Chau-ming Lee, AACA board president Mary Chin and Nihao Boston founder Ryan Daniels. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong.)

Ge Yun studied painting as a young man, but gave it up to run a newspaper. Now in his retirement, he picked up the paintbrush again. To give back to the community, he donated 26 works of acrylic and watercolor art to the Buds and Blossoms Early Education and Care Center on Oct. 18. Continue reading

Bruce Lee and his legacy

Image courtesy of Boston Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club's Facebook page.

The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Mass. commemorated the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s final movie, “Enter the Dragon,” from Sept. 20 to 23, which was released mere weeks before his untimely death. On Oct. 20, the Boston Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club celebrated its 65th anniversary with a spectacular lion dance and movement showcase under the iconic gateway to Chinatown. Continue reading

Ask Doctor Yu, Chinese medicine practitioner: Four food tips for warmer weather and healthier body

Barley. (Image courtesy of Flickr user ZakVTA.)

As the days get warmer, nature springs to life with new blooms, leaves and shoots. For food, our diet should change naturally like the seasons. As we welcome the summer, four tips for warm-weather eating will keep your body fit and in the best state possible. Continue reading